About Saint Thomas More Academy

Saint Thomas More Academy is an apostolate of the parish of Saint Aelred Catholic Church and through extension the Oakwood Catholic Community. Saint Thomas More’s mission is to support parents in the Oakwood, GA area (Hall and Gwinnett counties) who wish to educate their children in the Catholic and Classical traditions of education.


Specifically, Saint Thomas More Academy aims to help parents:

1. form their children spiritually through regular instruction in the Catholic Faith and participation in spirituality of the Ordinariate through prayer and the Mass;

2. immerse their children in the excellence of the Catholic academic tradition; and

3. imbue in their children a love for the historic Anglican patrimony choral tradition as well as the great artistic treasures of the Church.

Saint Thomas More Academy homeschool enrichment educational program is uniquely centered on the virtues and on the liturgy. Immersion into the life of the Church, which is immersion into the life of Christ, is at the core of our academy. Studies of all other disciplines are hinged on this study and on submission to the life of Christ, who is the true center of education of the whole person.



• Preschool  –  Ages 2 – 4

• Primary  –  Grades K – 1

• Junior  –  Grades 2 – 5

• Intermediate  –  Grades 6-8

• High – Grades 9-12



Tuesdays (Preschool and Primary) & Thursdays (Everyone)

8:15-8:25 AM Student drop-off and sign-in
8:30 AM Morning Prayer
9:00 AM Classes begin
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Classes Meet
12:00 PM Mass (parent attendance required)
12:30 PM Lunch (student’s responsible for lunch)
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